Have you played the lottery? Ever wondered how the winners are picked? To some, it’s a life-changing moment and to others, it’s a scam. Why is that so? What is CMR? And how is it going to revolutionize the lottery industry? Let’s get into it…

Problems faced by the lottery industry.

There seems to be no fairness in them, do we really know if there’s a jackpot winner? Or if the RnG servers are not a sham? Cases of manipulating lotteries have been a problem over the years, numbers at times can be rigid to benefit conspirators.

Lottery scams have been prominent through other years, and scammers find new ways to rope people into them. Asking people to pay processing fees for a competition or lottery they never entered.

Some lotteries are only playable by people from specific countries, depriving opportunity for others to participate in some of the biggest lotteries. Even though online lotteries have a better reach than local ones, there are high chances of fraudulent activity and management risks.

The winners often get only a part of their winnings, as countries have policies that heavily tax the amounts. The players have no control over how much they receive.

Players seldom trust lotteries when it comes to receiving the winners’ prize, involvements of a third party which usually cost them nearly a quarter of their winnings. Most lotteries have a massive house edge commission which again is cut from the same cloth.

How does Jumbo Ticket solve these problems? How does CRM help?

CMR – Revolution in how lotteries are played and its benefits.

Crypto market randomness (CRM) refers to the constantly changing market values of cryptocurrencies. Jumbo Ticket has introduced this method in order to pick their live draws. The idea is to provide complete transparency to the players and the randomness of the numbers drawn.

There are six chosen cryptocurrencies and the ending decimal values of each of the six cryptocurrencies at a certain point in time, are selected to form a 6 digit winning ticket number. For example,

Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, XRP, DogeCoin, Lite Coin are the 6 cryptocurrencies monitored and the first winner is to be announced at 6 pm. Can you guess what the winning ticket number would be based on their market value? It’s simply impossible because of its constantly fluctuating nature.

The last decimal value of the 6 cryptocurrencies, set in a particular order, at the given time would form the winning ticket number. The second winner would be announced at 6:05, due to CRM the market would provide 6 new numbers as the 2nd winning ticket.

CRM will potentially revolutionize the way lotteries are played, the main aspect being the transparency of it. Anyone will be able to view the results from anywhere, all they have to do is check the crypto market during the designated time of the draw.

The house will have no hand in picking the numbers itself, but only display winning ticket numbers as per the CRM method. There is zero house involvement due to the fact that the values are publicly viewable.

The chances of potential scams will be curbed, manipulation of the market itself is not possible. The unpredictability of the market will provide fairness to the players during the draws.

CMR is a term based completely on the randomness of the crypto market, the constant variability in the values provides a random combination of numbers that are not likely to be repeated or predicted.

Call it a step away from tradition or futuristic outlook in the way lotteries are played, add the CMR method to the anonymity crypto lotteries have, is what players have been looking for. Where they can witness the draws being fair and transparent, proving consumer trust is just as important as the business they provide.

CMR – A revolution in the lottery industry.

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